Policy & Fees

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Cancellation/Rescheduling Sessions

Ventana Tree Mental Health Services Inc. requires a minimum of a full 48 hours’ notice by (phone or email) for cancellations or your need to reschedule. If you call and email with less than the required 48 hours to cancel/reschedule, or if you miss/forget your appointment, you will be responsible for the full fee. Please note that the 48-hour cancellation notice does not include weekends or holidays.


  • The initial 10 minute telephone consultation is free of charge. All payments are either Cash/Zelle/Venmo/Cashapp/Direct Deposit
  • Psychological Evaluations for Immigration Cases: ASYLUM/T-VISA $1050. VAWA/HARDSHIP/U-VISA $950. Payment Plan Offered: (3 Installments). First payment is submitted prior to the first evaluation. The second payment is accepted prior to the second evaluation. The last payment is made prior to the completed psychological evaluation being sent to your immigration lawyer.
  • Individual Therapy: Standard rate of $150 for a 50-minute teletherapy via Zoom/phone session.
  • Clinical Supervision: Standard rate of  $170 per hour.
  • The fee will increase by 5% each year beginning every January 1 to keep up with inflation, you will be notified a month ahead of time of increases.

General Questions:

Do you take insurance? Why or why not?

  • Insurance companies require a “hard diagnosis” for each client, which follows them for the rest of their lives. This can impact their ability to get life insurance.
  • Regulation policies by insurance companies can compromise the level of confidentiality
  • Sessions may require more frequent sessions than insurance companies are willing to pay for.
  • If you would like to use your insurance and it is a PPO, the office will provide you with a statement that can be used to request reimbursement for therapy sessions.

How do you provide services?

  • All sessions are provided via Zoom. Zoom is HIPAA Compliant. On a case-by-case basis, psychological evaluations for immigration cases may be conducted at the office of your respective immigration lawyer.

How do I set up an initial appointment?

Simply call or email or use my online booking system below to set up and manage your sessions.

What age ranges do you work with?

I work with individuals who are 12 y/o and above

Do you work with Women, Men? Couples? LGBTQ+…?

I have a strong understanding of sexuality/gender identities and pride myself in creating a safe environment for all people regardless of sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age over 12 y/o, and culture.

What do you do in sessions with clients?

For psychological evaluations for immigration cases and individual mental health therapy; I see each session as a new opportunity to address the immediate concerns and obstacles that my clients may be experiencing.

Do your clients receive assignments to work on between sessions?

It depends. Everyone is different and the treatment modalities are different for individual mental health therapy. Some clients are best suited for homework between sessions while others are not.

For psychological immigration evaluations, the client will not be tasked with any homework assignments since this is not considered therapy.

What is your professional training and education and what modalities do you use in your client work?

  • I graduated with my Doctor of Behavioral Health from Arizona State University, a Master in Social Work from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor in Social Science from Washington State University. I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of California (License 88911).
  • I am highly skilled and trained in utilizing evidence-based practices using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Seeking Safety, Crisis Oriented Recovery Services, and Mindfulness-Based Therapy. Depending on the individual client and their needs, I incorporate numerous modalities to ensure each client is presented with the opportunity to achieve the results they are seeking in a timely manner.

What else does a client need to know to make the most out of working with you?

  • For Individual therapy sessions, come prepared to work. Many clients underestimate the level of work and commitment therapy entails. It is not an easy task. However, as someone who has seen countless amounts of clients achieves the “other side,” it is worth it.
  • You get out of therapy what you put in. Come ready and prepared to tackle each session openly and honestly.  I will be there to help amplify the hard work you put in.

Are you going to make me cry?

I can’t “make” anyone cry. However, I will ensure to create a comfortable environment that allows you to express whatever physical expressions of emotions you need.

Lets Connect For A Free 10-Minute Consultation : 1-800-554-6970

Cash, Zelle, Venmo & CashApp Only. Medical Insurance is Not Accepted.